Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday, 9 August 2010

Vintage At Goodwood

I cannot explain how excited I am for this weekend. I am working with UCA at Vintage At Goodwood doing styling and photography. I do get a lot of free time to explore though and will be taking full advantage of this, photos to follow next week!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bad Customer Service

There is nothing more infuriating than a brand not giving good customer service. Whether it is due to bad manners in staff or frustrating policies the only way in which they can make up for it is by listening to the complaints and fixing it. Recently on another blog a complaint had been made about American Apparel to which they responded and rectified the issue, this to me is a brilliant way of showing the customer that the brand does actually care. Today Penny and I have sent letters through recorded post to two of the many brands that have provided bad customer service, Apple and Phones 4 You. Both boast excellent customer service so lets see who responds first. Here are the letters;

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to complain about the customer service I received in your Bluewater store on 30/06/10.

I took out a contract through the Phones For You branch in Epsom at the beginning of February. This was an orange contract, with which I was given a Blackberry Bold. Within 6 months of having this phone it has broken, the trackpad has stopped working which I have now been informed is a very common problem.

I went into the Bluewater branch on Friday night and waited roughly ten minutes before I was approached by the manager of the store (his name now escapes me). I explained to him the problem and he told me the only way this was resolvable was to send it off for repair. Understandable, but poor customer service as the phone is barely even 6 months old so in my eyes should just be replaced. So the manager took me to a table and told me the next person available would come over to help me. I waited another thirty minutes before a very helpful girl assisted me. During this time though the manager who had originally approached me just walked around the shop and was not in fact serving anyone. I asked the girl who booked my phone in for repair if he could have done it to which she confirmed he could. So in total I was in the shop for nearly an hour when it only took 5 minutes to send my phone off for repair.
I am told it can take up to 28 days for my phone to get fixed which is appalling as I am paying £40 a month for a phone that is practically new that I cannot use, and the staff who work in your stores did not make me feel like a valued customer to compensate for this.

On your website it says ‘We work hard to ensure that after shopping with us, you have a massive smile on your face because you’ve also received great customer service.’ Well this is certainly not the case here.

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about the way I was treated in the Apple store in the Lakeside shopping centre on Monday 2nd August.

After thoroughly reading about the Ipod Nano I was really excited to go into the Apple store for the first time and buy my first Ipod. However the experience as a whole left me feeling unwanted and unwelcome as a customer.

I understand the store was very busy with people buying your newest phone but after my third attempt at approaching your staff it was clear no one would talk to me about an IPod and there was no way I would be taking a new IPod home with me that evening.

After leaving your store feeling very unappreciated I decided to try Curry’s digital where the staff were more than happy to help and even gave me a smile as they handed over the bag with my new mp3 player inside.

Safe to say my first shopping experience in one of your Apple stores will be my last

Ready for Autumn?

Being one the few people who actually enjoy Autumn a whole lot more than the Summer, I cannot wait for the weather to soften and the jumper wearing to begin (not that I am not already wearing my Winter jumpers in my overly air conditioned office!). I adore the trends for AW 2010 but feel the majority are a bit too grown up for me. Yes I love Mad Men and the 1950's look but it doesn't mean I will be wearing it, I am 21 and this is how I want to look. These are the looks I will be channeling this Autumn/Winter;

Leather pockets, big & baggy, short & sleek, cant go wrong!

Both of these looks will be perfect for riding my bike on.

The obvious Aviator jacket, is there anyone who doesn't actually dream of wearing this?

Dolce & Gabanna
Sheer polka dots, leopard print, baggy jumpers, what else do you need.

Fur (or at least faux fur) all the way

Marc Jacobs
Long layers and socks, lush.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Before Summer Is Over

This shall be my new tattoo.

Image from Researchtattoos