Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Prada Winter/Fall Ad

Just as amazing as the print campaigns.

Who's To Blame?

Working under the brands consultancy Magpie last year we predicted 4 trends for 2012.  One of these trends was Who's To Blame? As explained below.

Whilst researching on WGSN earlier today I came across a report of Youth Attitudes for 2011. This confirmed the line of thought we had predicted with this trend. 
"Facebook is increasingly becoming a portal for news and this is perhaps an indicator of how the young will start mobilising around key political, social and environmental issues."
The youth market are one of the most important future consumer groups and I think current advertising campaigns are starting to realise this and adapt to new digital technology. Although the youth market are not yet at the stage to buy into labels such as Louise Vuitton and Calvin Klein the use of fashion films and QR codes make this eventual consumer pay attention. Brands have to work a lot harder amongst youths as they are more skeptical towards advertising, savvy on the way in which brands promote a lifestyle and completely aware of advances in technology which just come naturally to them. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next 10 years.

A daunting thought from the Todays Teen in 2020 Survey:
"Consumer trends suggest that today's teenagers will be known as "teens" until they are 35 years old, as the cost of living independently will become too expensive. As the price of energy rises due to an increase in consumption, so will living expenses, forcing most teens of today to be still living with their parents in 2020. Salaries will be lower, and young adults will have to prioritise small, functional and affordable products."

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I believe I will die young.

You scare the shit out of people and then they don't see how scared you are.

Fashion is not art. Fashion is not even culture. It is advertising.

Being of the moment is everything.

It was always about the sex, every look, every minute, every day.

Sex was never the goal. Sex was never the issue.

Sex was really easy, sex was every were it didn’t really mean to much, love, love was the hard thing to find.

I know, I know, life is so disappointing, here you are, you have arrived, you are here, this is your moment. 
When you have everything what do you have? 
You have nothing. 
When everything is right, everything is wrong, its disappointing its confusing, this is life, what can you do?
You have a gift, use it, life will be there later, when you have worked and lived and know who you are, life is easy.
 Work, it’s the only answer I know.